For The Kiddos! What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Kids

best sewing machine for kids

Sewing machines for children are a great way to introduce your child to sewing. Kids can have a lot of fun using them while developing useful skills at the same time. To find the best kids sewing machine is no easy task. You should always look for a machine that's suitable for your kid.

It should be fairly easy to learn, be safe, and have a limited number of functions so it's not too confusing. Beginners sewing machine for kids doesn't have to have advanced functions.

We hope these kids sewing machine reviews will help you pick the best one for your child.

Best Sewing Machine For Kids Comparison Table


Built In Patterns





Brother LS2125i



25 Year



Singer 1507WC



25 Year



Singer 1304



25 Year



Janome 15822



25 Year



Janome 11706



25 Year



1. Brother LS2125i

Brother LS2125i

Brother is a well-known company and is one of the leading manufacturers of quality sewing equipment.

Brother LS2125i is great for small modifications of your clothes and for simple repairs. It's probably the best beginner sewing machine for kids as it offers thorough manuals that are very easy to follow. Your kid will learn how to thread and make buttonholes in no time.

It has 10 built-in stitches, including zig-zag and stretch. Built-in free arm comes in handy for sewing cuffs and sleeves. A limited warranty of 25 years ensures that your sewing machine will last you a long time.

2. Singer 1507WC


Singer has been around for over 160 years and is the most famous sewing machines company in the world. Singer has practically become a synonym for a sewing machine. Beside making superb professional machines, it offers fantastic beginner sewing machines for kids as well.

Their 1507WC is more than suitable for kids as it has only 8 built-in stitches which are easy to master while still offering a decent variety of things you can do with them. Included in the price is a plethora of various sewing equipment which will certainly come in handy. Many consider it to be the best starter sewing machine for kids.

3.Singer 1304 Start

Singer 1304 Start Free Arm Sewing Machine

Singer Start is the simplest sewing machine in this review, which is not a bad thing as it will get that much easier for your kid to learn the basics of sewing.

It offers 6 built-in stitches and a very elegant and beginner-friendly system to create perfect buttonholes. A removable free arm will allow your kid to reach the most difficult places of any piece of clothing.

Detailed instructions and threading diagrams are provided so your kid can start sewing with very little preparation. If you are looking for a kids beginner sewing machine that's as simple as they get, this one might be the one for you.

4. Janome 15822

Janome 15822 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

Janome is a respectable Japanese company specialized in producing sewing machines and various sewing equipment. Their machines range from simple ones for kids to professional ones for serious tailors. They are present in over 100 countries around the world.

Its most notable thing is that its design is "Hello Kitty" themed, which makes it look like a toy. But don't let its appearance fool you. Just like other sewing machines for beginners children in this review, Janome is very capable and even experienced users will find it useful. Among sewing machines for kids beginners, Janome 15822 is practically the most advanced one.

It offers 22 stitches and can make a buttonhole in only one step. Everything on the machine is designed in a way that complete beginners can master it as soon as possible.

5. Janome 11706

Janome 11706 .75 Size Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

Janome 11706 model is not as versatile as Janome 15822 as it offers only 11 stitches in total. It's not a machine for advanced users as its options are limited, but it's among top sewing machines for kids beginners and a great starting model for anyone who wants to learn the basics of sewing but has no prior knowledge.

Precise and simple to understand manuals, beginner friendly buttons and pedals, as well as free arm and easily created buttonholes make sure your kid will learn how to sew with minimum effort.

Just like "Janome 15822", it has a "Hello Kitty" theme, although, it's much more neutral and not as childish. It's not the best sewing machine for kids on the market, but it's pretty close.


The best sewing machine for kids should be fun and easy to use. Its design should be child-friendly and safe to use. Every sewing machine in this review is suitable to be use by kids. Some of them are as simple as possible, while other can be useful to adults as well.

All of them offer detailed instructions and diagrams so the learning process can be painless and your kid can start having fun as soon a possible. Sewing machines from Brother and Singer are among the best beginning sewing machine for kids, but if your child is a fan of "Hello Kitty", he/she might have more fun with Janome's sewing machines, which are also very capable, despite their childish design.

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